“I learned about REAL LOVE…”

Bayonne HS Student Responses to LoveSmarts Education LoveSmarts Presenter Linda Doering: 11th - 12th-grade students participated in an anonymous presentations evaluation. These selected responses reflect the overall trend of student comments. None were negative: Female Student Responses I liked how Ms. Linda explained how relationships could fail and how you can make them last. It helped me think twice about any decision I will make with my partner… I think LoveSmarts makes you think about the choices you’ll make in the future; you can prevent any regrets and reach for a healthy and respectful relationship. 11th I enjoyed learning about real [...]

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Teens Speak Out

1. In your opinion, what are the key qualities of a healthy romantic relationship? A healthy romantic relationship incorporates maturity. A lot of teens don’t understand that just because someone is older doesn’t necessarily mean they’re more mature. A good relationship starts with friendship as well as trust. Those are the two components that determine whether two people are truly compatible. Viewing one another as equals is an extremely important aspect in a romantic relationship to make ensure each partner’s voice is heard as well as understood. 2. Is it possible to be attracted to or even have strong feelings [...]

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My Struggle With Pornography

At the age of 13, I knew that viewing pornography was wrong, but after one particular day at school in which my classmates had berated me for not looking at it, I had begun to question my own sexuality. Wanting to prove to myself that I was interested in women, I decided to search online for seemingly innocent images of women. However, it was not long before I started searching for increasingly graphic images and eventually pornographic images and videos. Initially, I felt sick to my stomach after binging on these images, but after weeks of viewing the pang of [...]

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Testimonies Archive

Dear LoveSmarts, I am a mother to a beautiful 5 week old baby. I love my son with all my heart but like so many I wish I would have had him 5 years down the road to a man that I was married to. I cannot give my son the cool toys every other kids have, I cannot give him the father that he deserves because he’s not around anymore, I cannot give my son alot of things that he deserves and that makes me sad. I can only give him all my love and raise him to not [...]

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