Bayonne HS Student Responses to LoveSmarts Education

LoveSmarts Presenter Linda Doering: 11th – 12th-grade students participated in an anonymous presentations evaluation. These selected responses reflect the overall trend of student comments. None were negative:

Female Student Responses

  1. I liked how Ms. Linda explained how relationships could fail and how you can make them last. It helped me think twice about any decision I will make with my partner… I think LoveSmarts makes you think about the choices you’ll make in the future; you can prevent any regrets and reach for a healthy and respectful relationship. 11th
  2. I enjoyed learning about real love and how to know when that begins. The Activities and Presentations helped me look at my relationship with my partner to see if I’m on the right path. I think LoveSmarts allows people to point out flaws in themselves & their relationships and helps them strive for better. 11th
  3. LoveSmarts tells it as it is. I learned that there is no shame in being a virgin. Also many people regret about having sex before marriage. It helped me to clarify for me that getting my purity ring was more meaningful and to not get pressured by the people who make fun of me for having it. I think LoveSmarts is a good program for when people pressure you. Also, if you’re not sure if staying a virgin is a good thing. It teaches, that for me, that being a virgin would be better if than if you did it before marriage. 11thJM
  4. I think LoveSmarts opens people’s eyes to what to look for in current and future relationships. Unlike things you see in shows and movies. This program gives a realistic outlook for understanding relationships.  12th
  5. LoveSmarts allowed me to realize in the long run what I wanted and even though I’m still young I should be aware of what to look for and want. The program expressed certain outcomes without trying to bring fear and worry to the class, but also focused on boundaries that should be kept. It was not only about being safe but the program allowed the class to realize and determine what they wanted for themselves. 12thRT
  6. I learned the pros and cons of sexual bonding, also about pregnancy. LoveSmarts helped me because I was a little bit confused about relationships and Ms. Linda explained to us everything in detail. 11thXF
  7. I like how informative this program is. I also like Ms. Linda. She is very funny but informative. Two things I learned are healthy and unhealthy relationships and the benefits for those who choose abstinence. The presentations made me start thinking about what would make a good relationship for me. I think the LoveSmarts program is good because it makes us think about smart relationships. The info is very helpful and I will definitely put it to use.
  8. One thing I liked about the program was the honesty about necessary facts; there was no sugar-coating. Another thing I liked about LoveSmarts was that it covered a lot of topics important to teens. It helped me consider a lot of things about what I’d like to do in the future and made me think more realistically. 11thCS
  9. I liked how she told us to be careful when you are in a relationship. Another thing I liked is how we should just wait to have sex until marriage, which I think is a good idea.
  10. This program helped me decide to stay a virgin until I am married. I think the LoveSmarts program speaks the truth about relationships and having sex. 11thKS
  11. I liked that Ms. Linda didn’t sugar-coat what might really happen if we’re not careful. I liked that she explained real love compared to just attraction or infatuation. I think LoveSmarts is an eye opener. Students should really pay attention because anything could happen to anyone, Often, teens might think they are invincible & that’s when things start crashing down.12thCV
  12. This made me more knowledgeable about what to look for in a relationship. LoveSmarts really made me comprehend the difference between a short-term and a long-term, committed relationship.11thKS
  13. LoveSmarts is a great program where you can connect to the story and understand how to make your own decisions. 11thSS
  14. The presentation and activities informed me that there are a lot of things to think about before, during, and after a relationship. LoveSmarts is great. If you actually pay attention it can answer all of your questions and help you with all of your feelings and relationships.11thEW
  15. I liked how Ms. Linda was very straight forward about everything. I now am more aware of the types of things I need to look out for and pay more attention to in relationships.  I will no longer rush into things anymore and I will stop letting people have access to hurting me. I will no longer stick around after being hurt so much by an individual. I think LoveSmarts can be a lot of help. If you are struggling with your relationships or unsure about something, this program can explain a lot to you about the type of relationship you deserve.11thSV
  16. It helped me to realize the relationship I am in is not healthy! 11thRM
  17. Learned that it is okay to be 18 and never have been in a relationship before. I also learned how I’m already looking for someone with traits I want in a husband. Although you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are “in love,” having sex while you’re a teenager is not a good decision. LoveSmarts helped me to not give in because if I do it I may regret it in the future. 12th
  18. LoveSmarts helped me with decision making because it informed me that it’s important to consider all the options that I have. I also learned it’s important to make decisions based upon the facts and not just be feelings in the moment. I think the program is important for teens to be a part of because the facts are presented straight-forwardly. It’s important to be able to make informed decisions about your future and LoveSmarts provides the information on how to do this. 12th
  19. I think LoveSmarts is incredibly helpful and informative. Listen closely because Ms. Linda reveals things you never even thought were a problem. She is funny, honest, and engaging. The best thing about this program was it really emphasized the downsides of sex before marriage and what it can do to a person.12th

Male Student Responses

  1. Sexual intercourse does not make people closer. The presentations helped me to be more careful with my partner. I think LoveSmarts is a great opportunity for teens like us to know more about sexual intimacy and how to be responsible in various situations.11th
  2. I learned about light-fluid love relationships, something I feel I should have known about before, and that I need to get to know someone before anything else. The Presentations helped me to decide what exactly I should be doing and what my feelings are. LoveSmarts is amazing in helping to understand the emotions of love and what teenagers should be doing for themselves and their relationships.11th
  3. I liked how open the program was. I learned in depth what STIs were. Next time I will use protection. 11th  MSs
  4. I liked most the openness of the class. Ms. Linda didn’t shy away from actual issues. I learned how prevalent and detrimental STIs are. The presentations and activities helped me to make smarter decisions and to be safer in future sexual relationships. I think LoveSmarts is great because it educates us and prepares us for the sexual culture, teaching us the dangers so that we may be more secure.12thK
  5. I think LoveSmarts is one of the best programs about relationships that I have ever been a part of. 11th
  6. I liked the enthusiasm that Ms. Linda had while presenting. The real life examples that were used made me engaged in the presentation and gave me a good way of looking at my relationship. 11th
  7. Ms. Linda was different from all the other presenters because she is out there and that made me more interested in the subject.
  8. I learned that in a relationship there is a difference between being sexually attracted to someone and actually loving the person. It helped me realize the traits of the person I should be choosing and is something all teens need to learn about. 11thDJP
  9. This taught me to put more thought into decision making before regret. I think LoveSmarts is a great program that everybody can use to help you now and in your future.
  10. The presentations made me think about being more careful with my choices. 11th
  11. I really liked how she explained a lot of things thoroughly and how I was relating to a bunch of things she was saying. It’s making me rethink about what I’ve done and what I can do. I think LoveSmarts really helps with love decision making and if you are in a rocky relationship this course can help, 11thER
  12. I thought many of the points were accurate, however, I disagree about the “lighter fluid love.” I fell for a girl harder than ever before. I have never thought about having a sexual relationship with her and even now, 8 months after our breakup, I have never loved someone as much as I did her. The presentations helped me realize I needed to back off and give the girl some space. I love her but she doesn’t communicate and it doesn’t seem that she is interested. The program helped me understand that maybe she isn’t the one, as much as it hurts to say. I think LoveSmarts is really helpful and truly gives good advice. The topics helped me rethink my own problems. Ms. Linda was really nice and funny too. 11th

            11 th- 12th grade students – Lead Host Teacher-Mr. Curtis Chapman (6/14/2018)