The LoveSmarts Teen Seminar held on 2/24/24 in Matamoras, PA was also livestreamed to groups in Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, the Philippines and around the U.S.

It was presented by Linda Doering, who has taught more than 50,000 youth in the U.S. and internationally about the benefits of delaying sexual involvement, setting and aiming for your chosen life goals and avoiding risky behaviors.

Here are some of the comments by those attending in person.

As a Mom, (it made me feel) proud of myself for being firm and pushing abstinence with my daughter! The presenter was amazing! I would love for this to be taught in the local school district!” L.M., parent in Milford, PA

(I learned) many beneficial points that I, as a 24-year-old female, can use in daily practice to have a better life and steps to gain faithful and healthy relationships. E. Greene, Jersey City, NJ

I found the teaching about saying no and setting boundaries to be very useful! Also, be careful who you’re around and to save sex until marriage. The teaching about STDs was gross, but also helpful. I’ll use what I learned to guide me to my future success! Lyriq, 13, Newark, NJ

The most valuable thing I gained was to know I can say no and not be like everybody else. Ava O’Brien, Newfoundland, PA

I liked the real talk about relationships. M. Tashiro, Greentown, PA

It was important to know the negative aspects, both physical and mental, of “free sex.” I liked the testimonies of people who changed and were victorious in finding true love. C. Burkholder, Hawley, PA.

It would be great if we could have this kind of seminar in my community in New Jersey. H. Monteiro, Clifton, NJ

I loved the last 2 presentations with so much information on STDs and the activity to resist people giving you pressure. The last presentation about Protecting Your Future was great to understand one’s own value. I definitely would like to use this material for my children. The activity book is great. Y. Koga, Elizabeth, NJ

What I liked the most was the value of pure love in marriage. The ball throwing activity was fun! Abel O’Brien, Newfoundland, PA

I learned how easily STDs can be spread and that condoms are not very effective in protecting you from a number of serious infections. The group interactions were great learning tools. T. Reilly, Lords Valley, PA.

The most valuable things I gained was the part about what to look for in a good guy, someone who respects you, and setting boundaries. Anonymous.

It will help me to educate my daughter on taking things slowly with her new relationship. D.P.

Morning Session on “Maturing Your Love!”

Afternoon Session on “Protecting Your Future!”