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The Real Deal on Love, Relationships and Marriage
Topics in The Real Deal DVD include: -Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships -What is Love? -Benefits and challenges of Marriage -Warning signs of an abusive relationship -Living together-trial run for marriage? -Divorce-only solution to a difficult marriages? -How engaged couples can prepare for a life together -What to look for in a marital partner -And much more.
The Free Teens Clubs, Teen Leader Councils and Media Institute function as support groups that provide an alternative culture where respect for self and others is celebrated and practiced!

Marriage and Parenthood

National Fatherhood Initiative
The mission of the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with loving, committed and responsible fathers.

The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood
The Institute for Responsible Fatherhood and Family Revitalization is a home-based grassroots non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to encouraging fathers to become involved in the lives of their children in a loving, compassionate, and nurturing way.

National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education
The National Association for Relationship and Marriage Education’s (NARME) mission is to mobilize allies across America to provide education for healthy marriages, responsible fathers, and strong families.  We are the only entity of its kind that exists to educate and build capacity for the best demonstrated practices in the field of relationship and marriage education as it relates to the providers of marriage, parenting, fatherhood, and positive youth development services.

Family Watch International
Founded in the United States in 1999, Family Watch International (FWI) is a nonprofit international educational organization in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

Parent’s Wishlist
We are a diverse and active community of parents who love to share their experiences, recommendations and best tips!

Information & Research on Primary Prevention of AIDS, STDs and other Health Risks

The Medical Institute for Sexual Health
A nonprofit medical organization founded in 1992 by gynecologist Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., M.D., designed to confront the world epidemics of nonmarital pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease with incisive health care data.”Because It’s Not Just About Sex Anymore… It’s about health, hope, & happiness”

Character-based Healthy Relationship Education Resources

Center for 4th & 5th Rs
The Center For The 4th & 5th RS co-sponsors the Smart & Good Schools Initiative in partnership with the Institute for Excellence & Ethics (IEE). The mission of a Smart & Good School is integrating excellence and ethics: developing performance character (doing our best work) and moral character (doing the right thing) within an Ethical Learning Community. The Smart & Good Schools Initiative hosts an annual K-12 Summer Institute, conducts on-site trainings, carries out research, publishes the excellence & ethics education letter, and creates programs that help schools implement the Smart & Good vision.

We Ascend
Ascend champions youth to make healthy decisions in relationships and life by promoting well-being through a primary prevention strategy, and as a national membership and advocacy organization that serves, leads, represents and equips the Sexual Risk Avoidance (SRA) field.

National Abstinence Clearinghouse
An alliance of nationally known educators formed to promote the appreciation and practice of sexual abstinence. The NAC provides a resource center that distributes information on abstinence programs, curriculums and speakers.

Whole Person Relationship Ed in Other Parts of the Country 

LoveThinks is dedicated to building and strengthening relationships before and after marriage. The heart of a vibrant relationship is a strong bond of love.

Help for Struggling Teens

SoCal Empowered: Causes, Signs and Solutions for Depression in Girls/Women
Resource page to educate users on the causes of depression in women, signs to look out for, and ways to treat and support women who may be struggling

Troubled Teen Help
Alcohol or Drug Abuse? Depression? ADD or ADHD? Dishonesty & Disrespect? Bad attitude? Grades Falling? Does one or more of these terms describe your teen? If your answer is YES, you probably worry about your teen’s future, feel stressed out, and overwhelmed by the problems your troubled teen has. Read our articles and browse various categories full of helpful information we have put together for you!

Addiction No More
Addiction No More offers drug and alcohol referrals to thousands of drug rehabilitation centers all over the united states and Canada. We have helped thousands of people achieve a life without drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you Love is addicted to drugs or alcohol get help now before it is too late.

Helping a Loved One with Their Addiction
Much more often than not, attempting to talk to friends or family members about their potential drug or alcohol abuse  is a sensitive, challenging, and sometimes painful undertaking. It is natural for an individual who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, not to recognize the long-term consequences that cause pain and suffering to more people than just themselves. When seeking to help others overcome their addiction and the constant struggle with substance abuse, sometimes it is through those caring friends or family members that the user can finally find some relief by setting boundaries.

8 Ways to Keep Your Children From Abusing Drugs
Are you a parent of an adolescent? Parenting teens and pre-teens can be challenging. You’re responsible for a child that is discovering their independence and trying to turn into their own person. Children and teenagers explore. They try out new hobbies, new friend groups, new skills, and new experiences. Sometimes these experiences include abusing drugs. As a parent, you can’t prevent every bad thing from harming your child. You can do your part in drug and alcohol abuse prevention, however. We want to help you. Keep reading to learn all teen drug use and steps that you can take to protect your child.

Recommended Youth Speakers

Yvonne Harvey
Yvonne uses her life experience of hardship, pitfalls and having to overcome adversity as a platform to encourage individuals to be all that they can be despite their current situations or present dilemmas.

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