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16 Manipulation Quotes From Experts to Help You Avoid Being Controlled

Charlotte Hilton Andersen Feb. 17, 2022

Emotional manipulators use gaslighting and other shifty techniques to get what they want from you. Peruse these manipulation quotes so you can recognize this behavior quickly, and stop it in its tracks.

If you’ve ever been emotionally manipulated—and really, who hasn’t at some point or another?—then it’s likely your experience left you searching for answers. In fact, psychoanalyst Robin Stern, PhD, co-founder and Associate Director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, tells The Healthy that sheer confusion is one of the hallmark signs that someone’s just taken you for a ride.

Adds Amelia Kelley, PhD, therapist, author, and expert on emotional abuse and manipulation: “Emotional manipulation is abuse, and it isn’t harmless. It causes a great deal of distress and harm for the victim.” Kelley continues, “It can cause insecurities, self-doubt, isolation from others outside the relationship and make it more likely the abuser will progress into more severe forms of abuse and control.”

How to deal with emotional manipulation

The only way to deal with someone who is trying to manipulate your emotions is to stop them in their tracks. This starts by being honest about what is happening. “Name it,” Kelley says, suggesting you might ask: “Are […]

March 1st, 2022|News Articles|

Sandy Bober shares her personal testimony about being raped in college, her infection with an STD and her struggles and ultimate victory to regain her self-esteem, healthy relationships and a successful marriage.

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