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Sandy Bober shares her personal testimony about being raped in college, her infection with an STD and her struggles and ultimate victory to regain her self-esteem, healthy relationships and a successful marriage.

Here at Love Smarts, we would like to share helpful information including personal stories of relationship successes and failures, insights from psychology and human experience about what leads to lasting love relationships.

We look forward to hearing from YOU which articles were meaningful and also about what you have learned from your own life experience, whether that was a top-of-the mountain joy or a relationship disaster!

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True Love is Passion Rooted in Friendship

February 8th, 2019|News Articles|

By Jason Whiting
Courtesy of the Institue for Family Studies

Imagine you see a beautiful bouquet of roses. They are striking, taking your breath away. You draw closer, and with each fine detail of color, fragrance, and texture you become more enchanted. Not caring about the price, they become yours. Your happiness is real, but after bringing them home, you get distracted by a pile of work, dirty dishes, and Instagram alerts calling your name. Instead of trimming, watering, and placing the bouquet in a vase, you leave them on the counter. By the time you remember them, […]

The Importance of Self-Love

January 18th, 2019|News Articles|

By Beverly D. Flaxington
Courtesy of Psychology Today

Have you ever experienced that over the moon sensation when you find out he/she loves you? Those words mean the world—“I love you”. Your heart races, your stomach flutters and you finally find comfort in knowing you matter.

It doesn’t have to be a lover—it can be positive feedback from your boss (“You did a great job!”) or a friend (“You are the best friend I have ever had!”) Or it can be a parent who might be older and ailing who finally says “I always loved you even though I didn’t […]

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