The Real Deal DVD

The Real Deal DVD


The Real Deal on Love, Relationships and Marriage, three video/DVD series is a valuable new tool to help educators initiate discussions about healthy relationships, stages of intimacy, and the documented benefits of marriage.

The Real Deal DVD/video series tells the real deal about:

* Healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
* Stages of Attraction and Intimacy
* Marriage– Benefits and Challenges
* The personal story of Real Deal host Yvonne Harvey Williams
* What are warning signs of an abusive relationship?
* Is Living Together a good way to see if someone is marriage material?
* What to look for in a date, or a potential marriage partner!
* Is divorce the only solution to a troubled marriage?
* How to prepare for a marriage that will last a lifetime!

The Real Deal has 9 segments on a DVD or three video series for discussion groups of teens, unmarried singles, as well as couples. Top experts on marriage and relationships include: Maggie Gallagher, Pat Love, Michael & Harriet McManus, Steve Stosny, Michelle Weiner-Davis, Nisa Muhammed, Rozario Slack, Tom & Beverly Rodgers, John Van Epp. Discussion questions at end of each section are also included in a 5 page discussion guide.

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Real Deal DVD – Individual Use
USA Price: $35 (includes s&h)

Real Deal DVD – Organization Use
Comes w/ study guide for 9 week course
USA Price: $55 (includes s&h)

Real Deal DVD – Spanish Subtitles (con subtítulos españoles)
Parts 1-4, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, What is Love?, Why is Marriage Important?, Yvonne’s Story
USA Price: $55 (includes s&h)